About SiP

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With SiP, you won’t miss great coffee.
SiP connects you to specialty coffee from local to all over the world, at the right moment.
In SiP, useful information about the coffee shops including the business hours, location, social media are taps away.
SiP team commit to be the best up-to-the-minute coffee guide that makes it simple yet clear for all people who are in search for great coffee at that time in that right place.
有了SiP, 你將不再與美味咖啡擦肩而過.
SiP讓你在對的時間, 幫你接軌全世界的在地精品咖啡.
SiP以最少的點擊, 讓你掌握店家的營業時間, 地點, 及社群媒體.
SiP團隊已成為全球最佳即時咖啡嚮導為己任, 讓所有的咖啡同好能夠透過簡單便利的方式, 找到鄰近的那杯精品咖啡.
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